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uPVC tilt and turn windows: easy to clean, easy to use, and a visual treat for any home

With offices in Dundee and Glasgow, SRN Home Improvements are Scotland’s specialists in superior uPVC tilt and turn windows. The window that’s child safe, secure, efficient and versatile.



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window being turned open

A perfect blend of security, ventilation and easy cleaning

Tilt and turn windows harness modern technological advancements to provide a super-convenient solution for your home. Also known as reversible windows, they open (or turn) inwards rather than outwards in a horizontal motion. This makes them easier and safer to clean, since you don’t have to lean out of the window. 

But that’s not all: they can also be tilted in a vertical motion, which means you can ventilate your home safe in the knowledge that potential intruders won’t have an access point to your property. Meanwhile, those with kids or pets can rest easy knowing there’s no risk of a trip or fall taking place.

Our uPVC tilt and turn windows really do represent the pinnacle of convenience and versatility, safety and security, and undeniable style! And just like all of our products, they are extremely energy efficient, helping to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature no matter the weather.

house with uPVC windows
Child safe windows

Ventilate your home without worrying about potential accidents or injury.

window being opened
Easy to clean

Reversible windows open inwards, meaning they’re a doddle to keep clean. Ideal for windows at height.

view from inside a house with uPVC windows
Secure and efficient

Our uPVC tilt and turn windows perform admirably when it comes to security, weatherproofing and heat retention

tilt and turn windows on bungalow

Charles was a skilled tradesman and very friendly

SRN installed new windows and a new balcony door for me. The communication was great through the whole process. I could choose from a wide variety of products which were then made to measure for my windows. The install itself was great, Charles was a skilled tradesman and very friendly. About a month on from installation, everything is working as expected (including through the recent heavy storms!) so I'm very happy with the quality of the product and the installation.

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a set of three windows in a white frame surrounded by a light grey wall

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We are offering a variety of finance options on our tilt and turn window range? Give us a call on 0141 554 1255 or 01382 792062 to find out more!

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